• Amtra was born in 1986 inside Aquarium Glaser, the most important European import and export for tropical fishes.


  • The need to have products for the treatment of water and food useful for promoting the life of the rarest and most delicate fish species pushes the team of biologists and experts of Aquarium Glaser to develop preparations and feeds for internal use at that time hardly available on the market.
    Ulrich Glaser’s great intuition was to exploit the knowledge acquired by collaborating with a Canadian company on the treatment of natural water basins and industrial waste water by means of bacterial products, adapting them to use in the aquarium. The tests conducted in the Aquarium Glaser housing tanks highlighted the very high value of this type of products, capable of purifying the water in a natural way, without the process interfering with the chemical-physical parameters and at the same time reducing the waste of water resulting from the substantial changes that until then were necessary for the disposal of pollutants.


  • In 1989, following the continuous requests of shopkeepers enthusiastic about the results obtained in trying this product in their tanks, the first bacterial-based product in Europe specifically formulated for use in the aquarium was launched on the AMTRA CLEAN market. Despite the initial scepticism of the major competitors, the product is a huge success among shopkeepers and hobbyists and in a short time it is present in all German stores. The effectiveness is so high that the initial doubts are quickly dispelled and within two years all the main specialized German companies begin to market similar bacterial products.


  • Among the first products on the market there were also natural decorations, which have always been the company’s strong point, important from the countries of origin of tropical fish as well as frozen feeds which at the time were difficult to find.


  • In 2005 Amtra introduced a new revolution in the world of aquarium water treatment: AMTRA CLEAN PROCULT, the first product on the market based on LIVE bacteria, still today the TOP SELLER in the category in specialized stores. The basic idea is very simple: to go into the aquarium with organisms that are immediately active in the degradation of polluting elements, which therefore do not require additional time to take action, thus effectively making the treatment effective in real time. The main problem is inherent in the nature of the product which, in order to remain “alive”, must be kept at low temperatures. Through the establishment of a production and storage center and impeccable logistics in a short time AMTRA CLEAN PROCULT established itself on the market, winning in 2008 the prize for “best product for aquariums” according to ZooZajac, the largest pet shop in the world.


  • In 2010, after more than 10 years of collaboration, Amtra merged with the Italian company Croci, Italian leader for 20 years in the pet sector. Thus was born Amtra Croci GmbH a company able to embrace the Pet sector at 360 ° with a high degree of specialization in all its ramifications.


  • In 2017 the new era of Amtra begins with the introduction of aquariums and technical accessories in its catalogue, which go alongside historical products for water treatment, feeding and furnishings.


  • In 2019 the AMTRA CROCI ASIA CO., LTD was founded in China, a strategic company for the development, quality control and on-site production of aquariums and accessories, as well as for the distribution of the brand in the eastern market.